How to Buy Real Estate in Rwanda as a Foreigner – 4 Easy Steps

As property laws and regulations differ all across the globe, This is one of the frequently asked questions and the answer is YES.
It is lawfully possible for you to buy property in Rwanda as a foreigner.

The process is very simple and fast as it is the same process for foreigners as it is for Rwandans.
Below are few steps to take in the process of transferring property ownership in Rwanda.

Step 1. The first step is to find a property to buy, this can be achieved by browsing through
available options of properties for sale in Kigali and Rwanda on our website or different MLS platforms available in Rwanda
(Though we will be honored to assist you with any inquiry you might get wink wink!)

Step 2. When you choose Quick Homes Rwanda as your agent partner, we check with the owner for necessary documents(Proof of Ownership and all relevant documents)

Step 3. We prepare and sign an ‘Agreement of property sale between the buyer and the seller.

Step 4. After the completion of Step 3, To start step 4. you will have to be present in person and then both the buyer and the seller will go to the local land notary office available in most part of the city and then hand in the sale documents together with your original passport (the buyer)
and company registration and conformity letter when applicable. The seller will also have to present the same.
This kickstarts the property transfer process in your names and from this point, the seller is to receive full payment as agreed in the signed agreement.

Note: When married you will need to present a written, signed, and notarized power of attorney from whoever is absent, and a copy of their passport should be noted in the power of attorney and presented in the documents provided to the land officer.

From this point, the land notary will process your request and transfer the ownership over to you. This usually takes between 1 to 2 weeks(And our team at Quick Homes Rwanda will be honored to assist you in this wink wink!)

Please feel free to check out our listings on and should you have any inquiry do not hesitate to reach us on [email protected] and Call/Text/WhatsApp on +250788441844.

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  • […] Yes, it is possible for foreigners to buy multiple properties in Rwanda. However, the process has changed since June 2021 when new laws were enacted to govern land acquisition by non-Rwandans. Under the new laws, non-Rwandans are limited to one residential property per family, which can be acquired through the usual process explained in this article. […]

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