Gacuriro neigborhood

Gacuriro is a neighborhood located in Kigali known for its orderly appearance of uniform houses that line parallel roads.
Despite its seemingly distant location, the area has become more integrated with the city as Kigali continues to expand and new amenities are popping up, this has made it more accessible to other areas through the Kinamba back road.
Overall, Gacuriro is a comfortable place to live for those with cars or families and a good option for suburban living in Kigali.

Staying in Gacuriro

Gacuriro is a neighborhood in Kigali that represents suburban living, characterized by its modern, upscale two-level houses of various sizes. These houses have similar designs and features, such as nice kitchens, and they provide a sense of security with individual gates for each property. The community has small gardens and shared public grassy areas, as well as beautiful views of the city from the houses located on the steeper parts of the hill.

Recently, a significant number of hotels and apartments have been established in the area significantly expanding the range of options available in the neighborhood.
This makes Gacuriro more attractive to visitors especially those looking for accommodation options that are more suburban and less hectic than those in the city center.
It also opened up new opportunities for local businesses to serve guests, like restaurants or tour providers.

Rentals in this area are highly priced as this is one of the prime location of the city.

Restaurants, Cafes and Shopping in Gacuriro

The Gacuriro area has seen an increase in diverse dining options including restaurants that feature Western, Chinese, and Indian cuisine.

This provides locals and visitors with a wide range of choices when it comes to meal options, additionally there are also other unique dining experiences such as a French bread experience giving the area an added culinary appeal.

One of the most notable and well known restaurants in the area is Masters Pizza a popular pizzeria and chicken restaurant, It’s famous for its fresh and delicious pizzas but also for the variety of dishes and options, other restaurants that are worth mentioning that you can find in the area include Brioche, BWoK, Bell Tower Chinese Restaurant, and Mocha Cafe Restaurant, each of these places have their own unique menu items and atmosphere, providing a diverse range of dining options for everyone.

Overall, the presence of these restaurants in the Gacuriro area contribute to the growth of local economy and also to the development of the area, it’s becoming a dining destination for those who want to explore new places and for locals it can offer new options for leisure activities and entertainment.

Gacuriro has a fair amount of medium-sized supermarkets such as Woodland supermarket, Corner Supermarket and Safa Supermarket making it easy for residents to find basic necessities, additionally the neighborhood is located near larger shopping areas like Gisozi and Kimironko where most supplies can be found at a more affordable price.

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