Kabeza Neighborhood

Kabeza is a suburb located in the north of Kigali, Rwanda.

Located on your way from the airport into the city, its an up-and-coming area with a lot of construction going on.
However, due to its proximity to the airport and distance from the city center, it may not be as attractive to foreign residents except for those who frequently travel by plane.

The housing options in Kabeza are varied with a mix of new, large houses and older, smaller houses and prices for housing in Kabeza tend to be lower than in more central areas like Gacuriro.

When it comes to dining and cafes options the selection is limited in Kabeza, the nearest area with more options is Remera, which is not far away. Tally Bakery is the best option for a full-service cafe in Kabeza, offering a cheaper menu than other places and also has a small bakery.

Nightlife in Kabeza is also limited with the only option mentioned being Wakanda Villa which used to be called Kaizen and hosts weekly karaoke sessions.

Shopping options in Kabeza are also limited but with lots small local shops for a wide range of essentials along the main road, However the Kabeza market is a good place to find a variety of products, such as produce, grains, meat, fabric, clothes, and shoes.

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